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Judith Marquis/Amberlane
Infant Wardrobe I sz 8-lbs, 11-lbs, 14-lbs, 20-lbs, 26-lbs and 32--lbs JMQ26
This pattern provides an option for special occasion dressing for both boys and girls. Simple jacket w/pockets, dress pants w/pockets. Tailored shirt ruffled or not and a Scottish kilt and tam.
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A versatile suit easy to sew.
Naomi J Smith (Culver, OR) 1/8/2017 7:50 PM
I made up the shirt and pants to go with the tuxedo jacket. The shirt has a fitted neck to be used with a tie. Measure for fit. I pin tucked 5 rows each side of the front. It is true to the measurements on the back but very little growth room. The pants also fit with no alterations. I did change the pockets to jean style instead of patch and added button elastic so they can be adjusted by mom. The outfit was very classy and looked great at the wedding.